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We have a two modern, safe and clean tanning rooms installed . Here, you will receive a professional service from our friendly and welcoming staff, who will be happy to give you all information you need about UV tanning. No matter what occasion and event you are preparing for, our employees will help you to select a perfect option for you. We have a modern, safe and clean tanning room installed with music equipment so that enjoy a few minutes for yourself and your body and fully relax whilst in the tanning room.

We are equipped with Power Tower 8000 stand up tanning booth fitted with brand new lamps. The safety of our customers is highly important to us, therefore we never use lamps for longer than the time indicated by the supplier, so you can be certain they will always be safe and effective. The use of these lamps together with an advisable tanning programme will provide your body with the Mediterranean sun-kissed look you longed for. You will also have available eye protectors and facial wipes to get rid of any make-up. We also have available with a wide range of sunbed tanning lotions, accelerators, and bronzers produced by world-recognised Australian Gold and ProTan to help you build and maintain a healthy-looking glow.


Tanning does not only provide you with the look you want, but is also beneficial for your health, especially in the case of certain skin issues. The sun is a source of vitamin D, which has positive effects on our body and mind. According to the research, 90% of vitamin D enters our bodies through the skin, and as most people don’t get enough sunlight we have to use other sources to make up for it such as tanning beds, solariums and sun showers. UV tanning can help in the case of the following conditions:

Joint Related Problems


Keeps your skin hydrated and maintains your tan for longer.
The lotion contains ingredients which help the skin develop its natural deeper tones.
The lotion enhances the effects of tanning by 40%, and prevents your skin from getting dehydrated.
If you use the lotion, you can spend less time on the sunbed to achieve the desired tanning result.
The lotion has been thoroughly tested and its effects are proven.

We are equipped with lamps, which have the 0.3W/m2 standard to guarantee a safer, longer and richer tan. The indication ‘UV Type 3’ stems from the Euro Norma and IEC Norm applicable for tanning units. This norm has been implemented by all EU countries. UV Type 3 is moderate UV A and B (varying from 0.5 to 1% max. in Europe). UV Type 3 is similar to the Mediterranean sun during mid-day. When these lamps are placed in a tanning unit, it gives a gentle and lasting tan for most skin types. We are also operating in compliance with The Electrical (Safety) Regulations 1994, The Sunbed (Regulation) Act 2010 and European Standard EN60335-2-27.

In compliance with the law, all sunbed users must be aged 18 years and above. Staff may be required to ask for photographic identification. All courses are valid 12 months from the date of purchase. They are non-transferable from person to person and are non-refundable.

All packages are valid for one year.

No Appointments are needed to use our Sunbeds, just walk in.