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Our team of nail technicians have extensive experience and have catered to the needs of many satisfied customers; thus, we can ensure top quality services. When you enter our premises, the nail expert will dedicate all their time to take care of you from the moment you arrive to when you leave. During the manicure session, you can be sure we will pay full attention to your nail health, as the products we use while making your nails beautiful are top shelf, so you can be absolutely certain they do not include any ingredients which might have damaging effects. You won’t find such substances as formaldehyde in our products, as we care about you and the condition of your nails. Our salon is equipped with autoclave, so we can guarantee all tools we use are sterilized and totally free from bacteria, fungi and viral infections. Each nail file is used only for one customer, which prevents any visitors to our salon to come in contact with fungi or infections caused by bacteria. If you decide to have your nails done at our salon, you can be sure it will be a safe treatment and the effects will be fabulous. Come and see for yourself.

Nail Extensions

At Have Beauty we offer a wide range of gel and acrylic nail extensions to suit your individual needs. We always use the highest quality products to ensure safety and the best, long lasting results. Whether you would like a long lasting colour, to have an additional length or strengthening your nails our Technicians will give you advice on each type of artificial nails and choose the best approach for you. Each treatment includes full manicure and cuticle works.

Nail Extensions Price
Extensions Acrylic/Gel Full Set + Gel Polish £40
Extensions Acrylic/Gel Full Set + Nail Polish £32
Extensions Acrylic/Gel Infill Set + Nail Polish £26
Extensions Acrylic/Gel Infill Set + Gel Polish £30
Hard Gel Overlay on natural nails & gel polish £30
Hard Gel overlay on natural nails & nail polish £27
Toenail Extensions Full Set + Gel Polish £32
2x Big Toe Extensions £8
Single Nail / Toe Nail Repair From £3
Extension Removal £10

Please Note – An additional charge of £5.00 is applied for a soak-off and new set.

Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure

In a quiet and private area, you can experience a relaxing pedicure in our luxury spa chair with built-in massage control. Our luxury pedicure encompasses all your needs. The treatment includes the soaking of your feet, exfoliation, cuticle care, perfect nail shape, foot and ankle massage, luxurious foot mask and finally polish or gel polish application. Our manicures & pedicures are carried out using only high quality OPI products, to ensure your safety and leave your hands and feet in amazing condition.

Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure Price
Manicure basic £10
Deluxe Manicure & nail polish £15
Deluxe Pedicure with nail polish £30
Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure £40
Deluxe Pedicure & Gel Polish £35
Deluxe Pedicure (Citrus, Milk & Honey, Jelly) £35
Deluxe Pedicure with Callus Peel £40

UV Gel Polish

Our gel polish services are carried out using top quality OPI, SHELLAC, GELISH products. This gel dries instantly, doesn’t smudge like nail polish, protects your nails and gives a long lasting glossy finish that lasts perfect for up to 2 weeks.

UV Gel Polish Price
Gel Polish on Finger Nails £22
Gel Polish on Toe Nails £23
Gel Polish on Finger & Toe Nails £40
Deluxe Pedicure & Gel Polish £40
Gel Polish Removal £10

Nail Extras

Nail art can complement your outfit for a special event or just simply add a unique touch to your personality every day. Our professionals are trained to create a very detailed nail art and effects on your nails from duo-tones, blended colours, glitter, polka dots, marbling or stamping to hand painting pictures, 3D decorations and jewel fittings.

Nail Extras Price
Nail Ring £5
Diamond £
3d Nail Art Design (Per Nail) £1
Art Nail/ Finger/Toe (Per Nail) Free

Hand and Feet Extras

Paraffin wax is a luxurious treatment that is intended to moisturise and soften the skin, opens pores, increase circulation, and promote a sense of calm in the client. Additionally is widely used to support medical conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Eczema, Muscle Spasms, Fatigued Muscles, Psoriasis , Stiff Joints Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow. It can be an optional extra with manicure or pedicure service. Microdermabrasion treatment improves cell activity to promote healthy skin growth. It can be included in pedicure to remove hard, stubborn skin or in manicure to eliminate wrinkles, pigmentation or blemishes. After Microdermabrasion you are left with healthy, smooth and glowing skin.

Hand and Feet Extras Price
Paraffin Wax ( Hands) £10
Paraffin Wax ( Feet) £15
Hand / Feet Microdermabrasion £20

Hand and Feet Laser Treatment

At our salon we often meet clients who are unhappy with the appearance of their hands. On a day to day basis skin on our hands may be overexposed to harmful UV rays, detergents, chemicals, cigarettes. This can lead to premature ageing, pigmentation and loosing elasticity resulting in dull tired looking hands. Also, hand skin can be overgrown by hair due to hormonal or genetic factors. If you experienced any of the above, please ask for free consultation with our Laser Therapist.


Pigmented Leisions, Freckles, Moles And Hyperpigme

Approx Treatment Time RRP Cost per Session Full Cost of 3 Sessions
Hand/feet 30 mins £100 £40 £100
COLLAGEN & SKIN REJUVENATION, TIGHTENING Approx Treatment Time RRP Cost per Session Full Cost of 3 Sessions
Hand/feet 20 mins £100 £40 £200
HAIR REMOVAL Approx Treatment Time RRP Cost per Session Full Cost of 3 Sessions
Hand/feet 30 mins £100 £30 £150

Hand and Feet Conditions

Having warts, verruca’s or fungal infection can be uncomfortable and embarrassing especially on visible areas. In addition, these conditions are infectious and can easily spread on your body or other people. At our salon we have quick, easy, safe and effective procedure to deal with these conditions. Please ask for a free consultation with our Laser Therapist.

WARTS, NAIL FUNGUS Approx Treatment Time RRP Cost per Session Full Cost of 3 Sessions
WARTS 30 mins £100 £30 £150
NAIL FUNGUS (ONCHOMYCOSIS) 40 mins £130 £80 £150