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Our  Haven Beauty team considers hair colouring and cutting as an art. Our professionals have extensive and specialist skills to offer our clients a unique experience; offering innovative styling with ideas to best suit the individual. At Heaven Beauty we are attentive to the needs of our customers. Our stylists will ask you about your personality, life style, requirements, expectations, which helps us to create a style you’ll love. They’ll also take into account the condition of your hair to make it not only look good, but also keep it healthy and shiny. At our salon, we have decided to use the products manufactured by Wella, a globally known company, so we can provide our customers with the best results. Our colour technicians will choose the colouring techniques that will give you amazing, multi-dimensional colour, so you can look fantastic and be able to enjoy it for a long time. Apart from cutting and colouring services, we provide luxury hair care treatments by Kerastase. Trust our team of professionals and choose the treatment from our broad offer. You’re going to love your new look and you’ll be amazed by the condition of your hair!

OLAPLEX or 4Plex are revolutionary in-salon service’s and home care treatment. These products are not only safe, but they also repair and prevent your hair from being damaged by thermal and chemical treatments! Your hair will look absolutely fantastic!

IMPORTANT: PRIOR TO COLOUR – Before we provide colour services, we ask our customers to take an allergy test 48 hour before the treatment. Although allergic reactions occur very rarely, we want to be sure the products will not cause any side effects, since people react differently to various ingredients. Please contact our Reception Team to arrange an appointment or if you prefer, we can send you a home testing kit in the post.

Hair Colouring

Our salon offers hair colouring styles as Ombre, Balayage, Fashion Colours, Highlights and Rainbow Hair – and create your look with the help of our stylists.


Highlights can totally transform  the way your hair looks. They can be either intense, to make your haircut stand out, or subtle, to lift your hair colour to brighten your face. They can give you an extra shimmer under the sun and shape your face. They’re not exclusive to blondes, you can also use it to achieve different looks, like adding some exciting red highlights to auburn hair.


Baby-lights are very thin and subtle highlights that create a very fresh and shiny look. It is only a small change in your hair, but it can transform the way you look. It’s certainly worth trying out!

Tint / semi or permanent colour

We have a very broad selection of semi-permanent and permanent colours, so you’ll definitely find what you are looking for! No matter if you want to dye all of your hair or just to touch up that regrowth, we can do it for you!


The Balayage highlights made during the treatment will add texture and depth to your hair, while maintaining a soft and natural look. It’s an ideal effect for those looking for a subtle effect.


Ombré can be described as a two-toned colour effect that beautifully transitions from a darker colour in the roots to a lighter colour on the ends. The treatment can subtly brighten your features or make you the center of attention with a lighter and bolder look. Trust us, and we will choose the perfect combination of colours to achieve your desired look.


We all from time to time want to transform the way we look. In this case bleaching your hair would be perfect. This treatment can be used to create soft and creamy blondes or as a base for bright toners. Whether you prefer to brighten your dark locks with a balayage, rock purple hair, or achieve the perfect blonde, we will use a gentle bleach to achieve the perfect colour!

Creative colour

We love experimenting with colours to make our customers look unique and stand out! Whatever colour you can think of – we’ll create it and use it to make your hairstyle look absolutely amazing! No matter if you’re after that perfect rose gold or a luxurious ash – we have a broad selection of stunning colours.

Hair cutting

Are you thinking of changing your look? Then you’ve come to the right   place! Whether you’re only looking for a trim, or would like a whole new style, we offer the best solutions. Before your appointment we will provide you with a complimentary consultation to gain a full understanding of your hair type and you. Our stylists will help you to choose the best look and give advice on the styles best suited for the shape of your face, together with the type and texture of your hair.

Ladies wash cut and blow dry

At Heaven Beauty salon we want every customer to look and feel amazing after your visit. We will perfect your cut, and choose the volume, texture, and length in which you will feel the best and finish it all off with a voluminous and bouncy blow-dry or a smooth and sleek look. We’ll make sure you leave with a perfect blow-dry fit for any occasion, so, sit back, relax, and leave the work to us!

Gent's cut

In addition to ladies’ cuts, we also provide full services for men. We’ll do everything to make you look perfect, whether you have long layers or a short cut, our stylists will leave you looking sharp!

Hair styling

If your hair needs to look gorgeous for a party, wedding or a date, our stylists will choose a perfect hairstyle tailored to this special occasion. A classic chignon, messy top knot or cute ballet bun, book your appointment and come for a visit to choose the perfect style with our stylists. Our experts are passionate about their work, and they’ll do everything they can to cater for your needs.


We have a very broad selection of semi-permanent and permanent colours, so you’ll definitely find what you are looking for! No matter if you want to dye all of your hair or just to touch up that regrowth, we can do it for you!


Hair extensions have become very popular, and this trend is still growing. It’s perfect for all those who have always dreamed of having thick and long hair or who have lost it over time and want to bring back their original look. Trust our specialists and have your hair extensions made in our salon and When you come for a consultation, our expert will analyze your hair type and will discuss with you the amount and length you would like to add.

After the meeting, we will know what kind of hair we need to prepare and how, and which method will be the best to apply in your case.

Here at Haven Beauty we use only hair of superior quality, which has been very carefully sourced. On the market there is a plethora of different types of hair, which varies in texture and longevity, but our hair is 100% human cuticle correct, so you will not even feel the difference between your own hair and the extensions. If you decide to remove the extensions and they are still in a good condition, we can re-use them, so your expenses for the treatment will be lower.

We have various lengths of hair on offer, ranging from 14,16,18, through 20 to 22, 24 inches. You can choose from over 170 colours, so we will for sure find the colour you will love, but if needed, we can also cut and colour your hair to meet your expectations. We apply many different methods to find the one that suits your lifestyle and hair the most. We guarantee that you will leave our salon feeling fabulous and looking gorgeous!

Application Methods

Pre-bonded extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the fact that it is very hard to spot the difference between natural and added hair. They comprise strands of individual hair, which are bonded by a keratin protein glue. Later, they are melted by a fusion iron or fusion heat wand which connects the individual sections of your hair. However, if you don’t want your hair to undergo any thermal treatment, we also do cold fusion which takes longer, but is safe. The bond is small, so it creates a seamless blending between the hair extensions and your natural hair, guaranteeing that no one will notice that you have extensions.

Micro ring extensions

Another type of hair extension is micro ring extensions, which have been increasing in popularity during the recent years. The feature that makes them so popular is that the technique is simple, quick and provide you with a fantastic look! The best micro ring hair extensions use human hair strands held together with a bond which is pulled through the ring and then pressed shut to secure the hair in place. This is a delicate procedure but also very secure so you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll damage your hair or scalp and they are highly comfortable to wear.

Nano ring extensions

Nano Ring extensions are growing in popularity, as it doesn’t damage the hair and provides a discreet fitting. These nano rings consist of small metal beads with a silicone cushion on the inside to secure and protect your natural strands of hair when applied. They are fixed by using extension pliers that squeeze and secure the rings onto the hair. This technique adds length and volume to the hair and is a great alternative for those who want a change but do not wish to colour their natural hair.

Tape hair extensions

One of the most recent and very interesting solution is the tape hair extensions. It will provide you with long flowing locks. This technique has gained huge popularity among celebrities, and thus have presented it to a broader audience and promoted it. What makes this technique popular is the fact that it is fast to apply and you will be able to fit in a lot of hair. This involves placing your hair in between two strips of tapes of hair extensions and pressing them together. They are very easy to remove, and as long as they are in a good condition, you can re-use them.

Step by step process

Step 1 – Book your consultation

Call: 01603 633 933 or message us on Facebook.

Step 2 – Attend your appointment

During the appointment, we will discuss what your desired overall look is .We will analyze the condition of your hair to ensure it is suitable for extensions. We will also talk about your needs – whether you want to achieve incredible volume, sensational length – or both – aswell as the colour , we will recommend the best technique to apply and guarantee you leaving with your hair looking totally different!

Our aim is to make you feel and look absolutely fabulous after getting hair extensions in our salon, and in order to create your desired look we use the premium, top quality 100% human hair.

The most significant part of the whole procedure is to match the colour of hair to the extensions, so that it is as close as possible to your original hair, and to also ensure that the length is the same to make your hair and extensions perfectly blend together. It may be required to use extensions of different colours, which can be worked into your hair to achieve either a blended or highlighted effect, which perfectly matches the colours and tones of your natural hair. If you decide with your stylist to have a cut and colour service, we’ll do it for you as well.

Step 3 – It's the fitting day!

This stage is the most exciting for us! We will have everything prepared before you come for a visit in order for you to spend as much time at our salon as is needed. On the day of the fitting, please wash your hair but don’t add any conditioner to the root area as it may produce some side effects. The application usually lasts between two and four hours as it depends on how much hair we need to add. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax while we create your fabulous new look.

Step 4 – Taking care of your hair

During the application, we will tell you everything you need to know to take care about your hair at home and keep them in good condition. If you need any further information, we will be happy to provide you with it! Just give us a call at: 01603 633 933 or message us on Facebook

Step 5 – Loyalty to your hair maintenance

To retain the look, we will ask you to come for maintenance appointments, also known as a refit, which are necessary to guarantee that your hair is kept in a beautiful condition. We can discuss on the schedule for the visits as their frequency usually depends on how fast your natural hair grows. If your applied extensions in another salon, we will be happy to help with regular maintenance. Just contact us to discuss the plan of visits.

Step 6 – Out with the old, In with the new

Owing to the use of high-quality hair and regular maintenance visits, you will be able to enjoy the extensions for many months before they will need to be refreshed with a new set. This provides an additional value for money.

Intensive hair spa ceremony (45min)


DEEPLY CONDITIONS YOUR HAIR TO TARGET YOUR PRIMARY HAIR CONCERN AND OFFER A RELAXING ANDINDULGENT EXPERIENCE. Address your main hair concern from our wide range of concentrated masques in a sensorial experience. Deeply conditions your hair to target your primary hair concern and offer a relaxing and indulgent experience. 30min treatment under relaxing hair sauna will bring amazing effect for your hair.

SCALP CLINIC - For scalp problems

TARGETED SCALP TREATMENT ENHANCED WITH BESPOKE MASSAGE TECHNIQUES Experience a deep yet soothing scalp cleanse with our powerful exfoliator combined with bespoke massage techniques. Perfectly addresses: oily, sensitive, dandruff prone scalps or any thinning concerns.

Reflection Colour Revive Ritual - For Coloured Hair

REVIVES AND PROTECTS YOUR HAIR COLOUR FOR UP TO 40 DAYS Combine and personalise colour and care with our new ink-in-care Touche Chromatique. Revive your hair colour, stop it from fading and protect it between salon visits.

Intensive hair spa ceremony (45min)

Nutritive Immunité - For Dry Hair Ritual

INTENSELY NOURISH DRY HAIR WITH A TAILOR-MADE TREATMENT BASED ON THE LEVEL OF DRYNESS Provides intense, long lasting nourishment to dry hair through expert blending of our exclusive in-salon formulas. Suitable from slightly dry to severely dry hair.

Elixir Ultime 24 Carat - For Dull Hair Ritual

NOURISHES, ILLUMINATES AND RESTORES YOUR HAIR USING THE POWER OF OILS Experience expert blending of our iconic Elixir Oils for intense shine while leaving hair silky and weightless.

3D Intensive Hair Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment

DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR THINNING AND FINE HAIR Each one of our 3-part treatment system contains a unique blend of three technologies. Formulated to promote scalp health and combat thin hair in both women and men. 89% of consumers who tried the Systems noticed a thickening effect based on a survey among 230 US panellists concerned about thinning hair conducted by SIRS, 2016


Save your hair

Olaplex is a recent, innovative and revolutionary technology that has absolutely amazed the hairdressing industry. If your hair has undergone many treatments, ranging from bleaching through colouring to the use of heated tools, which made it dry or damaged, this solution is perfect for you! Your hair will get a new life as we’ll restore it to its original, natural look.

Save your hair

Olaplex is a formula that prevents your hair from getting weak and damaged as a result of various thermal, chemical and mechanical services such as colouring, bleaching, perms, flat irons, relaxers, curling irons and blow-dries. With Olaplex, you can change the colour of your hair and keep it still in a perfect condition, as if it has never undergone any treatments whilst nourishing your hair. Olaplex can be used together with the colour, you won’t feel any of the negative consequences of the colouring service as the product reaches the inner part of the hair to find the disulfide bonds that are broken and cross-links them together. The bonds are thus repaired after being broken and your hair will be strong and shiny, despite everything it has to go through. You won’t have to be afraid of experiments, as Olaplex gives you the guarantee that it’ll not damage the structure of your hair. What’s more, the formula adds depth to the colour and leaves the hair in perfect condition. Another benefit of the use of the formula is that it preserves the colour for longer and prevents fading. It also decreases the number of de-colouring visits in the salon, because it allows to achieve the perfect colour faster. Suitable for every type of hair Olaplex is suitable not only for customers with coloured hair. The formula also repairs the damages that occurred due to the use of thermal tools or just day to day life. It not only repairs, but also softens the hair and makes it bright and shiny again. It will also allow clients with curly and over processed hair to regain elasticity in their hair and works to help restore the hair to its natural state.


Olaplex treatment£ 40

Olaplex treatment added to colour£ 25


Everything You Need To Know About Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment

At Haven Beauty we use innovative hair treatments that give optimal results such as 72 Hair Smoothing treatment. It has been designed to penetrate all hair types that can rejuvenate your hair, bringing it back to its healthy original state, by actively conditioning and revitalising the hair.

Similar to the previous Brazilian Blow Dry effect, this latest innovation creates even better hair smoothing results that eliminate frizz, locks in colour and reduces blow drying time for up to 12 weeks.


Is 72 Hair treatments suitable for all hair types?

72 Hair has been created to give every client the same perfect result, no matter what your hair texture and type is.

Can the 72 Hair smoothing treatment be applied to hair that has been chemically relaxed?

Yes, our smoothing treatment is designed to protect and repair hair, so can be used afterwards to replenish and rejuvenate.

Will I lose my curl if I have this treatment?

No don’t worry, our treatment is not designed to change the structure of your hair – purely condition and eliminate frizz. Your hair will become more manageable and healthier.

Should I colour my hair before or after the 72 Hair treatment?

It’s better to apply the colour before having the treatment so that the colour is locked in. Having the treatment after will enhance the vibrancy of the colour. If you can’t colour beforehand, wait at least seven days after treatment to colour.

Can I use any aftercare shampoo and conditioner?

We recommend you use our Nourishing Shampoo or intense Moisture Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner to help prolong the service and encourage strength and shine post treatment.

When can I wash my hair after the treatment?

We would encourage you to not wash your hair for the first 72 hours after the treatment. However, if you have curly hair and want to keep more of the curl then wash out after 24 hours. The longevity may be affected.

Is it OK to go in the sun after my treatment?

Of course! We want you to enjoy your life with perfect hair. 72 Hair has designed an anti- frizz cream that is infused with a unique UV protector and a Thermo Shield.

How long will the results last for?

The longevity depends on your lifestyle. It usually lasts for up to 12 weeks. We encourage using our mask fortnightly to promote to prolong your perfect hair.


We often think of perms as a thing of the past. While it is true perms were very popular in 1980s, the current methods of making curls have changed. There are so many more opportunities and styles we can choose from that perming has gained a new life, and is regaining its popularity. If you would like to get a fantastic, curly look, we invite you to our salon, where we’ll pick the method and the type of curls that will be ideal for you and will meet your needs. Check out our broad range of curls and waves!

Volume Wave

The volume wave treatment will allow your perm last longer and your hair will be easier to manage. The most important thing is to leave the hair to dry without the use of any thermal appliances, as it guarantees the long-term effect of the treatment and will produce nice waves. The longevity is hard to evaluate, since it largely depends on how long your hair is, but you will be able to enjoy the effects of the treatment for about 2-3 months. You don’t need to use any special shampoos or conditioners, but it is advisable to wait a few days before washing the hair after the treatment.

The Spiral Wave

We offer the spiral wave treatment, which will provide you with natural looking curls. After the treatment, there is no need to give the hair any shape, so it is very easy to maintain. If you follow our recommendations and use the products advised by us, you can be sure the effect will last for a few months and the waves will be soft and elastic. Remember not to wash your hair for a few days after the visit to the salon.

The Bespoke Wave

If you would like to have curls or waves only on a part of your hair, that is not a problem. We’ll find the right solution and help you achieve the desired look, which will meet your individual requirements.

Our experts will tell you everything you need to know about aftercare to maintain your hair in good shape and condition for a long time.